Friday, July 30, 2010

Master's Session: Preview

I'd like to introduce you to Eric! He recently graduated with his Master's degree in teaching and wanted a session at the University where he has spent many years working diligently to achieve such a wonderful accomplishment.
I had never been to the campus before and researched it online and arrived early to scout locations. I could not resist the grand architecture. There was a plethora of spots to choose from and Eric was an awesome subject. He is incredibly kind, yet loves to play football as a defender. So lots of knocking people over. Ouch! He is a coach and his passion for people will make him a great teacher.
See if you can spot what University he graduated from in this photo?

Congratulations Eric! You found a way! Thanks for the lovely session...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to take better Newborn Pictures: Part 1

I am not one to keep all the good info to myself. If I love a recipe I share it, if I adore a website I post it, and now I've been learning so many things that have been important in my development as a photographer over the past 3 years and guess what I'm sharing them!

I would like to say-these are my opinions and what works for me and hopefully they can help someone...

How to take pictures of adorable newborns:
Well first, I have to say this is one of my favorite, favorite type of sessions that I shoot,next to weddings. 

What to Schedule?: 
1. A meeting with the client to discuss the options that I offer: album, art pieces, print styles and types, framed, canvases, and just to get to know them better. I have a quick get to know them questionaire I cover to get to know their style & expectations a little more. In this meeting I also go over the contract. 
2. The babies delivery date: This is more of a time-frame, than an actual specified date (unless a c-section or enduction is planned, these are often set  on a specific date and time, therefore scheduling is for the newborn session). 
What I mean by this is that if the little bambino is being born natural, then blocking out a 2-3 week range around the due date will be helpful in planning out other appointments, but still being aware that this newborn will be arriving. Most Newborn sessions your dates will need to be flexible.
Keeping in contact with the client to get up-to-date information is important (This is where excellent client care comes in handy). 

When is the best time to take newborn pics?
Keep in mind the first 10 days of the sweet babies life are the best 10 days to schedule a session. This in my opinion is when they are most sleepy and easily posed. I typically shoot within  the first 5 days and earlier if the parents will let me:). (Now I have had newborns who don't sleep. What? Yes it's true. When my sisters Baby B. was born she was bright eyed the entire shoot. And guess what that is fine! Ultimately, we  are there to get great pictures that will keepsake this amazing gift. Use new perspectives, get more pics with the  parents, or in essence have fun. 

What camera settings are best?
I typically shoot wide open in manual with my prime lenses. This let's me focus on the details of the sweet newborn such as; eyes, ear, and hands. I use my internal metering to establish correct exposure. Indoors my camera has a tendency to under expose, so I compensate for this by overexposing 3/4th or so. This way my images will be correct straight out of the can. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and Part 2 will be out soon:)

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nicole (Baby Bump)- Maternity Photographer

I arrived at Nicole & Jason's on a Saurday morning. The sun had not peeked through the clouds yet...I was hoping it would some time during our session. I knocked on the door and immediately was welcomed with a hug. I could see the joy all over their faces. Baby books lined the coffee table, we went into the nursery. They showed me some of their inspiration (I actually was the decorator for the nursery too!) pink strips, a sweet chandelier, and lots of storage. I knew this baby is going to be so loved. Our session was so much fun and the sun did shine through for about 15 minutes. 
Thank you so much Nicole & Jason for letting me capture this amazing memory- your first baby bump!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brooklynn Rose {7 week session}- San Diego Portrait Photographer

Baby B.  is adorable! She is my one & only niece. I love her to pieces. She has the cutest little nose and big beautiful blue eyes. I had a blast having this 7 week session as part of my specially offered First Year Package. 
It  is amazing how quickly babies grow up...the process is an incredible thing to witness.
  I am overjoyed!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bliss Productions

Bliss Video productions was started in 2002 and the owner Kristen creates the most beautiful, truly breath taking film videos. Check out there
They use super 8, 16mm, and other film to capture your day in an amazingly original way. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nicole + Jason- {smitten}

Nicole & Jason have been married for 3 years as of July 24th, they are the sweetest couple. 
May your love and joy last always!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


On any given day I am always looking for inspirational quotes, ideas, photographs, anything to bring insight into my photography and my life. As I scroll through magazines, or am watching TV. I like me a good quote...
Here are a few lately.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Ghandi

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
Henry David Thoreau
An artist cannot do anything slovenly. 

Beautiful Day

Have a Happy Wednesday!

Inspiration of the day

 Many many times we will walk by objects that we see everyday, without taking the time to notice the beauty that is enveloping us...
I love this rod iron fence. Simple design. Age. Creams, greys, and browns.
I wonder how many times it has been painted? How many storms it has experienced? How many good night kisses by the front gate?
I encourage you to take the time to  find the beautiful details that surround you everyday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Fundraiser

GULF COAST Oil Spill Fundraiser... HOPE... All proceeds go to the Alabama Wildlife Center... FREE SHIPPING
Image by awrc
Have a Heartundertow - fine art photograph
Etsy Help the Gulf Coast

Etsy has put together a collective group of sellers who have donated art, prints, jewelry, clothes, and many other items with 100% of the sales going  to help  the victims of the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Above are some of my favorites.

Buenos Dias!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Creative Live

I was reading Jasmine Stars Blog today & discovered this amazing concept. For all of you wedding photographers out there, actually any creative person. This is a neat (yes I said neat) opportunity to see a live wedding (yes I said live). On August 24th-August 29th Creative Live is going teach an online seminar hosted by Jasmine Star and Chase Jarvis. Check out the video...

Also, check out Creative Live for tons of information.

Bon Journee' everyone!

Grey Inspiration

Image by So Binique Blog
Long Lace Print Dress - KOPS-V31269Flying Free - Brass Bird and Leaf NecklaceRolleiflex "Grey Baby" :-) by Geoffrey Gilson


Inspiration is an important part of this industry. It is as important to find your vision, your individuality. But it can be hard to set yourself apart. There are so many beautiful photographs out there, "how can I possibly see something new?"
I am telling you, you can! It might take some thought and maybe a few tries, but it's worth it!When you look at an idea that has come to fruition and it works! What a great feeling!
My philosophy is to stay true to yourself. For me this has been and still  is an evolving process.
I often wakeup in the middle of the night with ideas for photo sessions, color schemes, and room decor. I   keep a note pad on my night stand to quickly write my thoughts down, so I can return to restful slumber (I love my sleep, you know). Lately, my thoughts have drifted to questions like, "How can I represent love without being cliche?"
This week I adore the color, sweet, actually it's a neutral with an edge. It reminds me of love on a rainy day- cuddling under the covers, going for a walk hand in hand and splashing about through the puddles, and what calm a true love can bring. Love is not pretentious or disrespectful, but compliments and enhances the other. That is what grey does. I think that's why I adore this color so much...
Inspiration can come from anywhere...look out your window, go for a hike, talk to an old friend, or even skip through the interwebs til you find it.
I am always looking for inspiration for my photographs, whether a necklace or pillow.
I believe in promoting other creative ideas...
Check out the links above and I hope you find your inspiration today.

Noah {Little Blessing}- San Diego Portrait Photographer

Noah is energetic as all get out! He is innovative- forts anyone! He adores his mom-fresh picked flowers anyone! He is a great older brother-and  he is only  2 and 3/4th years old!
I truly enjoyed taking photographs of this cute kid...

Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bliss Books

image by alyssa nicole

images by Elizabeth Messina

Bliss Books is a uniquely wonderful way to archive your event...they offer a  Romance book and a story book-both  are absolutely beautiful!
I adore the customized art work,every last detail is carefully hand crafted to represent you. I am proud to collaborate with their design team to bring your vision to life. Let your individuality shine through...
Be inspired every time you turn a page or show a loved one your personalized album.
I cannot say enough about the quality  and design ascetic! I love it!

Please checkout their website for more options Bliss Books

I hope you had a delightfully memorable Holiday weekend...Au revoir!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Epiphanie Bag

After much debate and weeks of research...I finally gave in! I purchased an Epiphanie Camera Bag
One thing I really loved about this camera bag is that it doesn't look like a camera bag. It's stylish, yet super functional. I want to use it on trips and it would have come in handy at the wedding last weekend-darn, why didn't I think of that earlier.
I bought the "Lola" in black and am so excited to use it. This feeling reminds me of Christmas morning when I was 5 and I saw a Strawberry Shortcake bicycle under the tree, wrapped up with a big bow, built and everything!
When I get the bag I will do a full review of it and let you know what I think, but for now here are some images...
images from Beyond Snapshots
***Disclaimer: My shootsac is still my go to for sessions and weddings. 

Happy  Friday! 

Flash Mob-Seattle

Flash Mob makes people happy...or atleast it makes me happy! I like to watch the faces of the people who don't know whats going. They crack me up and make me smile. By the end I'm dancing with them (well maybe not around my living room, but you get the point).
Check out this latest video from Seattle. Over 1000 people participated! 

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful, delightful, and free spirited 4th of July Weekend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holga Love

I bought my first Holga! As I open the package I am giddy. Unwrapping the plastic outer packaging I see the black and silver body, my husband is teasing me because I can’t sit still. Sometimes my muscles won’t cooperate:) with my brain commands, finally I get the packaging off and an ahha moment ensues -music and all- I am enchanted by the design. Only  flimsy silver latches are holding the plastic together. The shutter is a lever on the side, easily pressed quick or slow for your desired effect. There is a flash on this one. I fumble for the instructions and begin to read Page 1
Parts of camera
I am charmed by the focus ring- it shows 1 stick person, 3 stick people, and then several stick people, and the last setting is stick mountains.
The aperture is either f/11 for sunny days or f/8 for cloudy days.
Tripod mounting socket, who knew!
Film advance knob- click click just like when I was a kidJ I am so elated!
I immediately want to load my film Fuji 400, but first the batteries. I don’t use a flash very often, I  prefer natural light and shooting wide open, but when I was a kid I had a camera with a flash like this Holga and I was curious if the sound would bring back memories of a childhood gone by…I load the batteries and then the film (How great it is to load film?). To know each frame is an imprint in time, captured with purpose and definity. I try to shoot with my digital camera as if I were shooting with film- I am a true believer in Quality over quantity. As I load the film I notice there are very few guts in this camera. Simply perfect for what it is supposed to do. I close the back latch and turn on the flash. A high pitch squeal that gets louder the longer its on- as if alerting everyone, “I ‘m here look at me!”, I am instantly sent back to my trip to Europe with my Backpack and trusty 35mm camera.
 I bought 5 rolls of film and am ready to see what this beautifully simple camera can do. It’s nice sometimes to not have all the fancy gadgets and just be, just let the moments happen, and the Holga is my new best friend…No offense!

Happy Holga shooting everyone!

A Wedding via Polaroid...

Parker and I attended a friends wedding as guests...I adore weddings from the moment the bride and groom see eachother walking down the aisles to committ their hearts to eachother to the cake. (Oh how I love cake:)) I t was really nice being a guest, but I had to take some pictures. I did not bring my fancy camera, although I debated whether or not to for about 15 minutes before we left for the 3 hour drive to Burbank, CA.
Brian & Sara were married at the beautiful Calamingos Equestrian Center in LA. The grounds were picturesque, something out of a Jane Austen novel. Here are a few photos...

The place settings were rustic, yet simply elegant.

I love this chandelier!

They used milk glass bottles with numbers painted on them for table markers.

The first dance!

All the happenings...chatting, times!

This a different Iphone app...called tiltshift. You can edit photos right after you've taken them.

Now for the food...
A scrumptious salad with pinenuts and orange slices. The main course was so filling I could almost not eat my cake, but I managed to find some room:).

The cake was vanilla with layers of strawberry and vanilla custard with a sweet butter cream frosting.

(This will be gone soon. )
Congratulations Brian & Sara! Thank you for the lovely evening...We wish you a lifetime of joy and lots and lots of laughter:)