Monday, July 12, 2010

Grey Inspiration

Image by So Binique Blog
Long Lace Print Dress - KOPS-V31269Flying Free - Brass Bird and Leaf NecklaceRolleiflex "Grey Baby" :-) by Geoffrey Gilson


Inspiration is an important part of this industry. It is as important to find your vision, your individuality. But it can be hard to set yourself apart. There are so many beautiful photographs out there, "how can I possibly see something new?"
I am telling you, you can! It might take some thought and maybe a few tries, but it's worth it!When you look at an idea that has come to fruition and it works! What a great feeling!
My philosophy is to stay true to yourself. For me this has been and still  is an evolving process.
I often wakeup in the middle of the night with ideas for photo sessions, color schemes, and room decor. I   keep a note pad on my night stand to quickly write my thoughts down, so I can return to restful slumber (I love my sleep, you know). Lately, my thoughts have drifted to questions like, "How can I represent love without being cliche?"
This week I adore the color, sweet, actually it's a neutral with an edge. It reminds me of love on a rainy day- cuddling under the covers, going for a walk hand in hand and splashing about through the puddles, and what calm a true love can bring. Love is not pretentious or disrespectful, but compliments and enhances the other. That is what grey does. I think that's why I adore this color so much...
Inspiration can come from anywhere...look out your window, go for a hike, talk to an old friend, or even skip through the interwebs til you find it.
I am always looking for inspiration for my photographs, whether a necklace or pillow.
I believe in promoting other creative ideas...
Check out the links above and I hope you find your inspiration today.

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