Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to take better Newborn Pictures: Part 1

I am not one to keep all the good info to myself. If I love a recipe I share it, if I adore a website I post it, and now I've been learning so many things that have been important in my development as a photographer over the past 3 years and guess what I'm sharing them!

I would like to say-these are my opinions and what works for me and hopefully they can help someone...

How to take pictures of adorable newborns:
Well first, I have to say this is one of my favorite, favorite type of sessions that I shoot,next to weddings. 

What to Schedule?: 
1. A meeting with the client to discuss the options that I offer: album, art pieces, print styles and types, framed, canvases, and just to get to know them better. I have a quick get to know them questionaire I cover to get to know their style & expectations a little more. In this meeting I also go over the contract. 
2. The babies delivery date: This is more of a time-frame, than an actual specified date (unless a c-section or enduction is planned, these are often set  on a specific date and time, therefore scheduling is for the newborn session). 
What I mean by this is that if the little bambino is being born natural, then blocking out a 2-3 week range around the due date will be helpful in planning out other appointments, but still being aware that this newborn will be arriving. Most Newborn sessions your dates will need to be flexible.
Keeping in contact with the client to get up-to-date information is important (This is where excellent client care comes in handy). 

When is the best time to take newborn pics?
Keep in mind the first 10 days of the sweet babies life are the best 10 days to schedule a session. This in my opinion is when they are most sleepy and easily posed. I typically shoot within  the first 5 days and earlier if the parents will let me:). (Now I have had newborns who don't sleep. What? Yes it's true. When my sisters Baby B. was born she was bright eyed the entire shoot. And guess what that is fine! Ultimately, we  are there to get great pictures that will keepsake this amazing gift. Use new perspectives, get more pics with the  parents, or in essence have fun. 

What camera settings are best?
I typically shoot wide open in manual with my prime lenses. This let's me focus on the details of the sweet newborn such as; eyes, ear, and hands. I use my internal metering to establish correct exposure. Indoors my camera has a tendency to under expose, so I compensate for this by overexposing 3/4th or so. This way my images will be correct straight out of the can. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and Part 2 will be out soon:)

Happy Tuesday!


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