Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Darling Summer}

As Summer draws to a close I find a fondness in the rejuvination the sunshine brings, the 
joy of the moments experienced, and a longing to savor every cliche "Summer" meaning...
Long Walks on the beach
Sweet Ice cream on a lazy Sunday
Snorkling even though I get a bit scared
Late night chats with good friends
Rootbeer Floats
and maybe a sailing trip...

I wish you a positively delightful rest of your Summer :)!

Monday, August 29, 2011

{I love...my niece}

Hi friends! How are you? Hope you had a delightful weekend! My little Miss B is already 16 months!!! 
I adore her more that words can say, so I just had to take some pics to catalog the changes :)...
She is incredibly bright, smart, and just the cat's meow! She impresses me everyday!

 Her curly hair makes me smile...

 Aren't they a cute family?! Hi Nicole! Hi Jason! We miss you! 
 She is walking!? I can barely keep up with her now, she is almost starting to run...watch out world!
 I love this one...she has the prettiest eyes...
Happy Monday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

{Balboa Park Family Photographer} The Murphy Family

Happy TGIF! I have had a busy week and am ready for a Save the Date Session this weekend! Can't wait Nate and Abby! Today's post is fun and a reflection of this families love for their daughter and well granddaughter :)... although they look entirely too young. 
Meet Keily...isn't she adorable! She is 5 and entirely too cute for words, her personality was vibrant and she looooved the camera. This was such a fun session! I L-O-V-E this family! 

 A sweet moment with dad...
 And one of the whole fam...

 Thanks Murphy Family for such a lovely day at the park... I am glad to call you friends! 
And Happy Weekend to everyone! Enjoy! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

{I love...paper!}

Happy day to you! How is your week going thus far? Mine is packed full of projects that I need to finish...like organizing all my photography props, papers, and fabrics. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them...
Today, I am in love with paper! It's truly amazing what you can do with a little creativity, some hardwork, and paper! I adore Letter Press, Calligraphy, and unique designs for invitations, note cards, and Save the Dates! I found these lovely beauties and had to share...

First up, a DIY hankerchief Save the Date...what a fabulous idea! Find out more here.
(Image by ohsobeautifulpaper )

Gorgeous Letter Press by Bella Figura... sooo excited... I have more images to post from a recent Styled e-session from this amazing vendor!

I am smitten with the buttons, sweet yarn details, and the square design of this invite!

Love love love the hand painted details of this "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" card...

Plus, this whole set up is rustic, natural, and unique. It's always nice when couples bring their own 
personalities to their invitations and carry their wedding theme throughout. Brilliant!

Such a sweet touch to any invite...custom Calligraphy! If only I was this patient :).

Gosh, I could just gush about many more amazing paper products...I am simply smitten!
I wish you happy planning for your upcoming event! 
What a great way to get your guests excited with 
beautiful invitations!

Monday, August 22, 2011

{Green Fresh Florals} San Diego Florist and Design

Hello and good day to you! I want to share a fantastic vendor with you! I am completely impressed with Green Fresh Florals in San Diego! Why you may ask?
Well, I recently had a Styled Engagement Session and I needed some flowers to complete the look.
 My husband and I go to Hillcrest all the time for its yummy food and great shops. We have passed by this Flower shop a dozen times and I had always wanted to go in ( their shop looks uber cute from the outside)! So, when this shoot arrived in my inbox I decided I would give them a try. Quickly, I emailed Travis and he was incredibly helpful and generous with his time. 
I cannot say enough good things about their customer service, design aesthetic, flower selection, and their just all around good people. 
By the way, they did not pay me to say this...I love to sharing and giving back. 
Now for some pics of the gorgeous florals they created for our shoot...
 A little teaser of the Styled Engagement Shoot...
 I adore the colors of the mini-daisies, fluffy garden roses, billy balls, and sweet aster.
 Placing a few buds into vintage soda bottles adds a lovely dimension to these gorgeous blooms...

 Found this delicately printed "I love you" ribbon from The Lonely Heart on Etsy

 I am swooning over these blooms!!!!
You should totally check out Green Fresh Florals for your next event...
Wedding, Party, Annivesary, or Just Because flowers are awesome occasion. 

Thanks to Travis and Carlos at Green Fresh Florals for the fantastic help with this shoot!! 

Happy Day to you!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

{I love... Haptic Lab Quilts}

Ok, so I am totally inspired by these handmade quilts, and when I say handmade I mean every last stitch is hand done, say what!? Yep! I am completely in awe of Haptic Lab
Take a closer look...
It's a map of NYC!! I know...amazing right!? 
Map of NYC
Map of Washington DC
Map of Paris!!! Now I can dream and plan out my trip while cuddling the with map of Paris...did I mention...it's Paris!!!
and Colorado...love the colors.
And our favorite place to visit in the summer... the San Juan Islands!!! 
{All images from Haptic Lab}

There are many more fabulous designs here. 
Happy Saturday to you and I wish you inspiration to do what you love! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Musings & insights...Genuine kid portraits?}

A big Hello to you!! Today, in an attempt to catalog, share, and grow...I thought I would begin a series of posts designed to bring helpful tips to others who love photography. I call it, "Musings and insights." Todays topic is... Genuine Kid Portraits.
Honestly, my first child Portrait session I was shaking in my Steve Madden flats. A bazzilion thoughts were streaming through my consciousness..."what should I say? Where should we sit? What poses should I use? How do I get them to smile? What if they cry?" and in a whirl wind the session was over and I realized...OMG! I loooved photographing kids! 
Over the course of my business I have picked up a few things that work well for me when wanting to capture genuine expressions, hopefully they help...I am not claiming to be an expert, these are just a few insights that hopefully help someone out there in the blogosphere:)...here we go!

It may take time to warm up:
 In preparation for their Session, I will email the parent to ask what their child likes, about their personality, what toys they love or colors, this way I can be prepared on all levels.  I first meet a child, they are often shy, but I get down to their level and say hello! I try not to let their shyness detour me from talking to them. I know this seems simple, but making the child feel important is a way to connect with them on a basic human level. 
I always treat them with a big smile and sometimes a treat or a toy ( if it's ok with the parents).  As we start the session we have more action shots, I will just let them run and play, then I will join in and show the child their pictures. This normally gets them excited about how great they look or what a fun time they are having and after a few minutes...whammo... they aren't worried about me, but about being in the moment. 

(Side note: not all photos have to be smiles...the mom of this cutie patootie... told me this was her daughters favorite face to make and that she loved how it showed her true personality.)

Be observant:
The little boy below was super shy. He kept hiding and did not want his photo taken, plus he wouldn't smile for anything. Except when I saw he was interested in climbing a stone wall, but his parents were busy. I asked if I could take him to the wall and he said yes. I jumped at the opportunity to find something he would smile for. This shot was taken as he happily walked across the stone wall while his parents were busy changing their daughter. I showed him this pic and from then on he was all smiles.  Sometimes, older kids get more natural when their parents aren't telling them what to do or to smile. It can be fun and a great bonding moment. 
Also, observing when to move to the next location or activity. Sometimes, we want to squeeze in the 5 locations, 3 outfit changes, and a gazzilion pre-planned shots that we forget to observe our clients and how they are reacting to it all.  If a child is super stoked on a leaf, he is smiling and laughing, then I want to interrupt that joy to get them to go climb a tree we pre selected. Um hold up wait a minute...let your client have fun! You can still get the tree shot, but be patient. This concept took me awhile because I was so eager to get all my shots in instead of capturing the moments in between. At the same token knowing when to move on is important too. 

Be ready: 
 I had to constantly remind myself don't put my camera down when I first started. This was a constant battle for me because when my client laughs I would laugh, when my client told a story I would put my camera down and listen. It is just a natural reaction, right!? But, gosh, I missed some great shots because I didn't want to be rude. Now I know I am not being rude and my camera is always ready. I still engage with the client, laughing at jokes, listening to stories and I do put my camera down slightly in different circumstances, but had to practice multi-tasking between listening to a story, laughing, and taking pictures. 

Be interested in what the child is interested in:

Don't get caught up in, "I have to get that pose or this shot mode." Part of truly capturing a genuine portrait is bringing genuine moments out in your client. So, if you are stressed and anxious that will rub off on your clients. My rule of thumb is if they like the cool rock in the field, then I like the cool rock in the field. 
I had a little girl who looooved to roar like a lion, so instead letting it hinder my shoot, we made a game out of it and we would roar together, then after she would giggle and laugh at me, which gave me the perfect opportunity to capture her true personality. 

It's ok to be silly:
Sometimes as photographers, we feel we need to be professional, dress a certain way, and maintain control, but with Kid Sessions all that goes out the window. We are there to bring out the best in our clients, no matter how old. I truly believe being silly is an advantage and brings peoples guards down even if they are 5. Plus, it is fun! 
Under 1 year  is where singing, showing them different toys, dancing silly, and making funny noises often brings a smile to their face. I also, find playing peek a boo with my camera can make a child look right at me and smile, which is awesome!
Over 2 years, giving them actions and playing games happens more often. 
Posing is not neccessary: 
In my opinion, when photographing kids, posing is not neccessary. Like I said this is my opinion. I enjoy candid, spontaneous images that bring out the child's true personality. So, instead of posing them I will give them an action, like we are playing a game of tag and I ask them to freeze or  play Simon Says and they don't even realize I am posing them. In the photo above the child was eating Mac n' cheese and having a great time, my husband went with it and I love this photo of her. The turquoise is just a plastic table cloth wrinkled on the grass and pink paper plates with mac n' cheese all over...way to work a scene Parker!

In none of these images did I ask the child to smile or do a certain pose. They did it on their own.  Taking pics of kids can be incredibly intimidating, but incredibly rewarding if you loosen up and have fun!
 I hope this helps and I wish you all the best with your Child Session adventures :)!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 15, 2011