Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{Just Because Session}

I hope you had a lovely Valentines! When I was in Jr.High you could buy candy grams and they would be brought to you in your first class. So, I would wait as the bell rang and everyone scurried into their seats. Wait for the person to walk in the door with the candy grams in their hand. I would wait and I would hope for my name to be called. Oh how cute those little candy grams were. I would wait for one to to be passed my way...
Sadly, no one every bought me one, except my best friends. I know, sad right? :(, but now I am married to the most wonderful man and I could not be happier...And guess what he got me for Valentines day? A Candy gram, actually 8! Thank you Parker! For being my Valentine!
And now on to my aaaadorable niece! I love her more than words can say, and I take her picture every chance I get! Here is my latest "Just because she so super cute I can't help but take her picture session" :))).

I wish you all a lovely day! 

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