Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Favorites 2010} Part 2

There are many moments in life that we wish we had a camera for and we looove being there to experience 1st birthdays, mac n' cheese extravaganza's, engagements, and really just because. 2010 has been filled with delightful moments. We have been so blessed and here are some more of our favorite photos ( in no particular order). I adore this photo. My husband took this photo at a friends birthday. See more photos here. 
Meet the cutie Jameson...she has the best cheeks and smile. Love her! See more here.
This is one that I have not posted yet from Zane & Missy {Smitten session}.
Joy & Justin's reflection...
My niece looks like a little angel!! I am melted everytime I see her. 
Moments where people think the camera isn't on them. Sincere laughter priceless!
Negative space focuses the subject of the photo and in this one it is my niece...
Lovely light...brings my heart a flutter!

Buckets anyone!
Sunflare brings me joy!
Composition off to the side,one of my favorites!
A play on a family portrait...

Golden glows and new locations...endearing!

Peek a boo!
Stolen moments...

Little toesies on papa's chin...
Oh happy day!
Thanks to all our friends who have supported us and clients who have believed in us. 
We are truly grateful and full of joy!!! 
Happy Tuesday!

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