Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kathleen + Paul + Jameson {Family/One year portrait session}

In life we meet people who have joy. A true joy that resonates out of them like  heat out of a furnace.Who when you are around them you get happier, you feel like you have more energy, and you feel like you can do anything. It's like getting your second wind at 10pm at night...where you want to reorganize your entire closet by color and  style. Well, maybe I just do that, but you get my drift.
The McKerry Family gave us that feeling. Full of life and love, especially for their adorable daughter Jameson.
She is almost a year and this is her photo shoot/ family session. 
Jamseson has the brightest blue eyes and sweetest smile and those cheeks.
 Thanks Kathleen you did a fabulous job styling your daughter with the greatest outfits...too cute!
Jameson is a 2ft tall knock out! She was so happy the entire session...
Daddy and daughter...
Jameson decided the bow was a fun toy...so she took it off for all to see.

Mom and daughter...Jameson lights up around her parents. 
Hold my hand momma...

What a cute family!

Angelic and look at those eyes...

During our session Jameson was walking all about...she is on the move and she was intrigued with all things new...
I adore this tutu!
Bubbles anyone?
Check out the slideshow fore more photos from this session.
Thank you Kathleen, Paul, and Jameson for a lovely session. We truly had a wonderful time capturing these moments with you! 
Happy Tuesday!

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