Friday, September 24, 2010

Joy + Justin-{smitten}

Joy is as sweet as a cupcake. Justin is as cool as well anything cool:). They make an adorable couple and love sports. They are incredibly kind and laid back. In a word: Awesome! We met up at the cove in La Jolla for a Just Because Portrait Session. Then had a delicious dinner at Spice and Rice Thai Restaurant.  Laughter ensued as we ordered appetizers and four entrees, then proceeded to reminisce about Joy's trip to Italy...and you know how I love Gelato. So of course we had to go to the Gelateria in the cove for a tasty sweetie. After more laughter and great stories we parted ways, but Parker and I were left with a wonderful feeling of happiness and hopefully some new friends.
This is my favorite...
Hearts of love!!!
Work it!

A cute little dog walked by...
How beautiful are they...
We had a fun time with a nostalgic candy...Double Bubble! Check out the GIF...
How cute are they?

Joy and Justin really like sports, so they brought their Jerseys to show their love...

Summer stroll on the beach...with lots of kisses.
Mi amor!
Thanks Justin and Joy! 

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  1. joy was my freshman year roommate 5 years ago & one of my very best friends. these pictures are beautiful! :)