Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Chakra Aveda Salon} Fashion Session

A little more from Chakra...and the lovely model Diane. 

 Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Fashion Week} with Chakra Aveda Salon

First, I have a confession, I am not a fashionista by any definition of the word. 
If you asked me my favorite wedding dress designers I could name a million, but when it comes to day to day fashion. I am all about jeans and a top. Although, I do go through kicks where I look for cute dresses, but having said that I had a great time at this event! Fashion is fun! And the team at Chakra hair Studio made me feel welcome. And after thoughts of maybe becoming a model floated through my brain, I have decided I am very content being behind the scenes and capturing other fashionable people. 
Chakra is a fantastic salon and I was honored to share is such a big day for them! 

 Let's celebrate!!

 Aaron and Diana(the model) getting beautified...
 Meet Rebecca, she put this whole event together for the salon...fantastic! 
Also, she is a brilliant hair stylists at Chakra. 
 Linda the ever fabulous and down to earth co-owner consulting a guest...
 Cassie is such a sweet heart...

 Jessica in the zone...

 Linda squared!
 Work it!

and the team!!!
More pics tomorrow...Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{a drive through the countryside and some yummy food...}

My husband and I loove to drive...and we had never been to Julian? 
So, off we went to discover this lovely town in the mountains that we had heard so many great things about...

 The views were gorgeous, my photo does not do it justice...
 I adore VW buses and saw this cute turquoise one in front of a lovely cafe...
 The pink flowers caught my eye...
 The town is set just an hour east of San Diego and is has lots of cute shops, fresh picked apple orchards(although I was sad they were not open), lots of history, and ooooh the food...

 It was really chilly, so I bought a hot chocolate...oooh la la! It was divine!
 ...and Parker ordered a water, it was served in a boot. We both laughed out loud and I think I got the better drink don't you? 
 They serve the most cinnamony, buttery, appley Apple pie with chedder cheese melted on top. I was not brave enough to try it, but Parker was and he did like it!  

Have a lovely week! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Carlsbad Flower Fields {Floquet Family Session}

It is raining buckets here in San Diego! I am listening to the sound of the pitter patter of droplets outside my window and watching Emma! I loove romantic comedies and this is one of my favorites...although some may find it boring I swoon over the sweet and thoughtful verbage that makes up the classic. 
And this brings me to the gorgeous, one and only Miss B! My sister had the great idea of going to the Carlsbad Flower Fields for a family session and I was gitty! All the colors! 

This is "Gigi", my mom:)  Isn't she beautiful!

 Happy Friday!