Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Fashion Week} with Chakra Aveda Salon

First, I have a confession, I am not a fashionista by any definition of the word. 
If you asked me my favorite wedding dress designers I could name a million, but when it comes to day to day fashion. I am all about jeans and a top. Although, I do go through kicks where I look for cute dresses, but having said that I had a great time at this event! Fashion is fun! And the team at Chakra hair Studio made me feel welcome. And after thoughts of maybe becoming a model floated through my brain, I have decided I am very content being behind the scenes and capturing other fashionable people. 
Chakra is a fantastic salon and I was honored to share is such a big day for them! 

 Let's celebrate!!

 Aaron and Diana(the model) getting beautified...
 Meet Rebecca, she put this whole event together for the salon...fantastic! 
Also, she is a brilliant hair stylists at Chakra. 
 Linda the ever fabulous and down to earth co-owner consulting a guest...
 Cassie is such a sweet heart...

 Jessica in the zone...

 Linda squared!
 Work it!

and the team!!!
More pics tomorrow...Happy Wednesday!!

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