Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{Abby + Nate Desert Engagement}

Hello my lovelies!! We are back! My how we have missed you!
Our trip to Europe was simply amazing!! 
Truly truly a life dream come true! Lots of pics to go through :). 
I hope you have been well and we are thrilled for you to meet this next couple...
Love can be described in many ways.
 Abby and Nate's love can be described as 
ALL fulfilling and joyful! We laughed and laughed as we ventured to Anza for 
this lovely desert engagement session. I may or may not have sat on a cactus :(.

Also, from now on I will be posting on Monday's and Wednesday's to keep things consistent and keep myself diligent with not neglecting this blog. Sorry, I have been away.

Plus, you should totally like our Facebook page if you want more regular updates and we can be friends :)...yay!!

                                 Happy Birthday to my amazing Twin sister!!! Love you!!!

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  1. Your immense photography has really lightened up the actual situations of their wedding. Great work!