Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Tyton + Emily Wedding} San Diego Wedding Photographer

Love at it's best! I was privileged to be invited to second shoot with the fabulous Chelsea of the Fab Photog Blog for Emily and Tyton's Wedding! First of all, I am gitty from the joy that overflowed from them on their Wedding day! Truly, I couldn't stop smiling because their love just radiated off them like a furnace...Blissful! Second, this was my first LDS Wedding and boy oh boy was it amazing! 
They had their ceremony at the La Jolla Temple, which looks like the most beautiful pop-up book you have ever seen, glistening in the light. I didn't get to be a part of the ceremony, but something good must have happened in the temple because they glowed as they met up with family and friends afterward....
here are a few of my favorites...enjoy!

Thanks again to the ever amazing Chelsea of Crow and Candy Photography! 
And a big Congratulations to Emily and Tyton!! 

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