Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{A day with Andrea}

Lately, I almost always have been sleeping with my slippers on. They are warm and plush
My feet get cold really easily. Plus, I loooove the feel of them first thing when I get out of bed instead of the cold floors in our apartment. On this night though my feet were especially chilly and I had them on and did not want to lose the warmth I had accrued, (makes sense right?) so I cozied into bed with my slippers on and then fell asleep.
 Before I knew it I woke up to the sound of my alarm chirping, then finally after a few snoozes I got ready to seize the day, but I could not find my slippers. What? I said under my breath and maybe a few other words:). They must have gotten lost in the abyss of down comforters and pillows. 
Mind you Parker is sleeping peacefully next to me... I'm trying really hard not to wake him. Slowly, I crawl in the pitch black to the foot of the bed and begin cautiously reaching left arm, then right arm under the covers for my warm slippers. Ah ha! I find one! Yes! Then I go back to find the second one when my hand brushes against my sweet sleeping husbands leg and he jumps up in a clatter and yells, "snake!!!!" 
I am at the foot of the bed, hunched down, in the dark, with no warning. I am alarmed and spring up, then scare my husband a second time mid REM sleep and he yells, "Devil!" I immediately am taken a back by his cuteness and begin to giggle as I calm him down. 
This story has nothing to do with Andrea, but my husband allllways teases me about my sleeping shenanigans, so I had to tell you! It was just too cute!

Now onto the reason for this Andrea! She is an amazing person. She just started her own realty business! How great is that?! I admire her drive and passion, plus she is super nice!  
Here are a few of my favorites...

Congratulations Andrea! You are a savvy business woman already and you are going to be fantastic in your new venture!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thanks so much for the blog love :) so sweet - your photos are always gorgeous and so well done! x

  2. I love the head shots you did of your friend, they look wonderful!