Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Matchbook Magazine}

Confession time... I am a design magazine junkie. 
This week we are moving, which equals the unfortunate task of packing:(.
While I was packing I rediscovered piles and piles of magazines that I have tucked away for years, but I can't bare to part with because they bring so much inspiration when I reread them.
I mean, what if I need to know how to organize my junk drawer or fashion trends from 1999? 
 I have the amazing, miss it so much collection of Domino magazine. I couldn't toss those away.  So, I keep them, a lot of them. At least my favorites, well most are my favorites, he he. All together they amount to a few hundred (I know:)).
Guess what? I found a solution! Online magazines! And if I really like them, hopefully, I can buy a copy or order it:). Nice compromise huh? The latest one I am a fan of is Matchbook Magazine. Check it out...

Happy Reading!

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  1. I know someone just like that... my hubby! So it's my job to reduce the clutter ;-P Shhhh, don't tell him why his mag collection never seems to grow...