Monday, January 10, 2011

{Design Inspiration}

Hello my lovelies, I have missed you during my time away. It was soooo nice to sleep in until 1pm (I know how lazy, right?). But sometimes doing what's unexpected feels so right! I took long walks, didn't cook once, and we went apartment hunting. We found a cute place with lots of little nuances, that is close to the boardwalk, and my husband will get a man cave. He is super excited! I found the perfect spot for my work station (mini-office) looking out a gorgeous window with a hint of the ocean in the distance. It will be my refuge and I cannot wait to decorate. Eventhough, moving can and almost always is hard. I find it can be a great time to reorganize, pair down, get back to basics, and maybe buy a few new things:). 
I love the grey walls and stripes, plus writing with the chalk is genius for an apartment. 
I love the galvanized metal with the sleek white shelving...and more chalk :)
I neeeeed to get organized and this pantry looks so pretty. Everything is easy to find and so adorably neat too! I just want to pinch it...What a concept? Our new kitchen is pretty tiny, so this will be key.
Have a lovely week and eat some ice cream for me:).
Happy Monday!

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