Thursday, December 16, 2010

{2010 favorite photos} Part 1

2010 has been a wonderfully delightful year! A whirl wind chalk full of meeting new people, and these are a few of our favorite images from the past year. It was really really hard to narrow down because all of our clients & friends have been quite frankly, amazing!! So here we go...these are in no particular order and we still have a few tricks up our sleeve before the year is over (like how that rhymed, the christmas music is taking over...)! Enjoy!
Shot with an 85 1.2 at a 2.0, straight out of the camera. No processing was done on this image, although, it was shot at sunset for the golden effect. I love natural light!
This is baby Faith. She is 4 days old and I just wanted to take photos of her all day!
Shot with a 50 1.4 and desaturated for the vintage look. 
I love love! Missy and Zane are the coolest cool are the sunglasses! 
Shot with a 24 1.4, this is one of my favorite lenses because of it's versatility.
Joy Joy and Justin decided to take photos "Just because"! They were a joy to shoot, no pun intended:)!
Shot with a 50 1.4, this is my go to lens for portraits.
This photo is personal for me, it is my niece's dedication. She loves kisses!
Shot with a 50 1.4. To get the bokeh effect in the background place your subject close to you with a wider aperture and ensure the background is far away. It's that simple :).
I adore this image! Mom and Dad's wedding ring placed on their sweet little blessings toesies...
Shot with an 85 1.2. 
Believe it or not this little newborn is 5 days old and wide awake! She was so observant and wanted to be involved in all the happenings:). 
Shot with a 50 1.8, not my favorite lens. It is too slow to focus for me:). 
The texture of this wall transports me to Greece or somewhere ancient...oh how I want to go! 
Shot with a 50 1.4 at 4.0.
How can you not smile when you see this cutie?
I was testing out grain in Lightroom for a film effect...
The momma was actually swinging her up and down, she looooooved it! 
Shot with a 50 1.4 at 2.0.  
What a handsome little guy!
I love little hands and toes, he is so enamored with his momma in this photo. 
Shot with a 50 1.4. 
My hubby took this fabulous is one of my all time favorites! Bubbles are the best!
This image is straight out of the camera, no editing only about 10% sharpening. 
Shot with a 1.4.
I think this is an intimate and sweet moment... 
Shot with a 85 1.8.
Just happened to see this adorable face staring at my hubby, so I had to snap a photo...spontaneity is one of the reasons photography is so wonderful!
Shot with a 50 1.4 
What can I say? My Miss B is my muse:).
This was shot with a 85 1.2, the bokeh is like butter!

There are more images to come and if you have any questions about technical stuff, leave a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you:). 
Happy Thursday! 

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