Wednesday, November 10, 2010

{My niece's dedication}

It is the middle of the week and I am already wishing it was Friday. Why you may ask? 
Well,  we have a fun weekend ahead of us...a save the date session and a family session. I can't wait! i am all giggly with anticipation. 
Nevertheless, I am delighted to share a few pics from my niece's dedication. 
If you haven't got enough feel free to visit  my  facebook page for more:))). I love friends:))!

This dress was so aaadorable...I love the flower and the colors. She looks like a little angel! 
She just learned how to sit up and ooops she fell over :)
I looooove stain glass windows, not the stick on kind, but the authentic hand made kind. Gorgeous!
Parker and I were sitting at the back of the church and this cute little girl kept smiling and looking at us...

Brooklynn loooves kisses! 
We love you Miss B! 
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. ahh, these are SO sweet. she's like a mini nicole! :) too cute.