Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The sounds of the morning...

Today has been an interesting day thus far. Why you might ask? First, I was peacefully sleeping WHEN I was unceremoniously awoken by a fire alarm check in my know what is not fun? A fire alarm check when I'm in a calm, peaceful sleep and then BAM! I hear piercingly loud beeping noises and freak out in front of two strangers installing a smoke detector. Who was embarressed beyond belief? This girl right here.

Second, I finally fell back asleep and then I heard the lovingly soothing sound of a jack hammer outside my window. Thats okay though because eventually the jackhammer was drowned out by the garbage truck banging around our parking lot while it picked up our trash.

Conclusion, I am awake and figure God is trying to tell me to get up and be productive or something.

Hope you had a better sleep than I did.
Have a great Wednesday!

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