Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Smith Family- San Diego Family Photographer

Hello! I'm snuggled up on my sofa watching Project Runway and creating this post. The sun has hidden behind the clouds and it is drizzling, but without further a do...meet Heather, Paul, Noah, and Faith! Are they not one of the cutest families? We have been friends with them for awhile now...
Life is a funny thing. We live day to day, moment to moment, and time goes by incredibly fast. It has been about ten years since Heather and Paul met. And guess what? I was there.
 Heather and a bunch of us friends were at one of our favorite spots, In & Out. We could hang out there for hours just chatting, laughing, and eating. On this night in walks Paul. I could tell Heather was smitten from the start. They were introduced, talked the whole night, and they have been together ever since. We are blessed to have them as friends! We had a great time hanging out and a bonus was taking their pics. 


     How adorable...

 We had a ton of fun and I hope you had a dry weekend (the rain seemed to follow us everywhere we went...) Happy Tuesday!
***Heather makes these adorable headbands that her daughter is wearing. Love them!

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