Sunday, August 22, 2010


I hope your enjoying your weekend! I sure am! Normally, I don't post on the weekend, but I had to ask 
"Do you remember when you were in English class and your teacher would make you memorize vocabulary words...what a fun task that was (sarcasm intended:))?" Although, I've always liked words and there meanings. There is one word that has stuck with me...coalesced.
What does it mean you ask?
Well, the online dictionary states, " to blend, or come together."
Some synonyms are fuse, merge, amalgamate(which is a new vocab. word for me, see I'm always learning), combine, unite, and join. 
I was eating dinner with my hubby, when I noticed the colors of the sunset were literally depicting what I learned so many years ago. And in an instant memories flashed through my mind. I knew I had to capture this great memory now. That is one of the reasons I heart photography so much!
Plus I love the loan bird sitting atop the tree branch.  

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