Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Birthday Weekend via Polaroid

My husband and I birthday's are exactly one week apart. So we like  to celebrate and make a week of it. I enjoy surprising him with gifts, but this year we were on a budget. Instead of gifts we had one divine dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Here is our wonderful meal from Flemmings...
Tomato and mozzarella with sweet balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil. 
The tomato's were wrapped in a thin slice of cucumber. The presentation was beautiful. I did not want to mess it up. Parker really liked this!

For the main course we had prime main filet mignon, the tender and yummy goodness melted in my mouth with every bite(no offense to vegetarians out there). 
One of my favorite foods ever is Mac n' Cheese...creamy, cheesy, and the ultimate comfort food. Well right next to a pint of ben & jerry's. Sorry Ben, it  won't happen again. 
To top it off there was this amazing Jalapeño Cheese layered potato thing(don't remember the official name). This has the best flavor, I don't even like jalapeños, but I could eat a lot of this. 
And drum roll please.............

A decadent chocolate lava cake with home made vanilla bean ice cream and fresh raspberries with wonderful Chantilly cream. Don't you love that name. Chantilly cream.
And guess what? I  don't even  like chocolate. So imagine to my surprise when I tasted this deliciousness.

To Parker: Thank you my love for a wonderful birthday. Every year we grow a little older, a little more wise, and a lot more in love. Thank you for making me laugh every day and your support lights up my life. 

P.S. someday I'll get a real Polaroid, but for now I like my iPhone Polaroid:)

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