Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome Baby B.- Newborn photographer

It's was a crisp night in April when my niece was born.
I have a confession...I have never witnessed a live birth and truly have never really wanted to, but when my sister invited me to be a part of her daughters (my nieces) birth. I felt obligated to say yes. (I know that's probably the worst thing, but I was scared.)
I stepped into the Hospital, camera in hand...
My palms were sweaty, my thoughts are flooded with flashes of movie scenes-screaming and all that stuff.
I was anxious of what awaited.
I got my visitors pass and slowly push the elevator button.
Ding. The door opens. 
I step in. 
3 floors later. Ding. I cautiously step out and follow the confusing hallway markers for room numbers.
I find it!
I slowly open the door and walk into a calm, quiet, and peaceful setting. Lights dimmed. 
I receive multiple hugs from family.
Then, we wait and wait some more while sharing stories of other births, our own delivery, contractions, nurses visits, and lots of ice chips. 
After many contractions and an epidural ( my sister seemed to really like that). Finally, the pushing begins. 
Long story short...three hours later, my beautiful niece is born. 
No screaming or yelling. Just joy! 
She's here. After 9 months of waiting, anticipating, reading all the baby books you can get your hands on, and she is finally here. 
I think everyone in the room was overflowing with emotion. Tears were streaming.
I was truly overwhelmed...tear streams flow over my cheeks and down my neck. I am enamored with her beauty, her chubby legs, her sweet hands, and all that is a newborn baby.
I love you Brooklynn Rose! I will be a good Auntie. You can always count on me. I am here when you need a shoulder or a good laugh.

My outlook has completely changed on birth and babies. It is truly a miracle. 
I love you baby B. 

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