Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maternity photos// Le Parker Meridien, Palm Springs

Emotions overwhelm me as I look at these photos! 
Prob the pregnancy hormones kicking into high gear or the fact 
that I am super hungry for pistachio ice cream, but nonetheless I will go
with it and embrace this moment. For this moment only lasts a fraction 
of the life that this little girl will share with us and I want to remember it all! 
I am 35 weeks pregnant is these photos, which means less than a month left....eeek! 
We are having another little girl and could not be happier! 
Typically, I do not post photos of myself, but as awkward and as a 
uncomfortable as I feel sitting in that cute swing...I am embracing it all! 
Truth be told, this has been a difficult pregnancy. This was a great way
to relax and have bed rest in a beautiful location. 
The fact that I am creating a life...what?! Is just amazing to me and 
it is a feeling that can only be described as awe inspiring. 
Can't wait to meet you little! 
ummm yes...I may or may have not gotten stuck on the hammock...
don't underestimate the difficulty lol! 
Photos taken by my amazing husband! 
Photos taken at the Parker Palm Springs on our mini-baby moon.
We had the best time and I highly recommend whether you have 1 or 5 children. 
We relaxed and rejuvenated before this munchkin arrives. 
We are trying to make a conscious effort to be fully present...although after a few weeks
sleep deprivation will overwhelm us haha!  
Dresses are from Anthropologie and I do recommend getting maternity photos
at around 7 months. We just haven't had time and this was a perfect way to celebrate. 

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