Thursday, August 1, 2013

{ 7, 8, & 9/52 } 5 months already...

Hello to you!! It has been busy busy here...with Wedding Season in full swing! 
Lots of fabulous love birds to share! 
But one of the most wonderful gifts is our daughter Harper and she turns 5 months today!!
Happy 5 MONTHS to the most incredible love bug around!

Note on Milestones:
Harper is fully rolling over now. She won't stay in one spot for long. 
She is finding her voice...literally... Screaming, laughing, making hilarious grunting sounds.
She is truly a wonder! 
Also, she looooves sitting up on her we place her on the sofa et. and she kicks with delight and smiles the sweetest smile of joy, as she realizes she is sitting on her own. 

(This is post 7,8, and 9 of the series...I missed a few weeks :))

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