Thursday, May 30, 2013


I was completely inspired by The littlest Blog this week. 
Being a first time momma I am learning as I go...the ups and the downs, plus the 
curves are always keeping me on my toes. Growth spurt anyone?! 
It's all going by so quickly. 
And I want, need to remember... to cherish each smile, each rasperry, and each cuddle for
all the milestones are special.
 Since, I am a little late at getting started I posted a photo of her in my tummy. 
 Normally, I don't post photos of myself...especially like this, but
 I think it shows the juxtaposition of how quickly she has grown or at least it feels like it.  
Harper will be 3 months old on June 1st and I could not be a happier mom!
Every week for the next 52 weeks I will post a photo that represents 
Harper in that moment. Our journey as she grows.

Note about milestones:  Mornings are one of my favorite times.
 Harper is so sweet as she wakes up from her restful slumber. 
A smile brightens her face as she sees me enter her room. 
I walk to her crib. I peek over and she is beaming. I am beaming.
 I open her swaddle. The left arm, then the right. 
We then cuddle. It is quiet. It is peaceful. Mornings are hers.

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