Friday, March 29, 2013

{The NotWedding San Diego 2013} Part 1

Happy Friday my lovelies!! How are you?
 It's a beautiful day here in San Diego andy oh boy do we have a post for you today. This is only part 1.
The NotWedding San Diego was soooooo much fun!!! 
It is soooo much more than a bridal show. 
The NotWedding is a way for real brides to experience 
a "fake" Wedding and see all the vendors in action. 
Plus, you get to eat, dance, and mingle. 
How awesome is that!?
We are incredibly thankful to have been chosen for this event 2 years in a row.  
Thank you from the bottom our hearts!
The NotWedding had tons of gorgeous aspects from
 the down to earth couple to the amazingly tasty food. 
Everything was perfectly coordinated by Couture Events!
Also, thank you to the uber fab Exquisite Weddings for being the media partner. 

We felt like kids on your first day of school...meeting all the fantastic couples (that is our favorite part).
It is an amazing way to see all the creativity, love, and thoughtfulness that 
went into every detail...truly gorgeous! 
A list of all the vendors involved is at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check them all out. 
We want to say a huge, massive, a thousand thank you's to all who participated and 
attended this lovely event. 
We adore you!!!! 
Lots more details on Monday too :). 
The New Children's Museum is a perfect venue for any celebration...vibrant, fun, and urban.
Gorgeous blooms by Sweet Marie Designs. Don't you love the colors!?
Make Up by Shelby  is stunning! Love the eyes and pops of pink. 
Chic and cool accessories were made by
 Old New Borrowed Redo and Vocabulary Boutique...gorgeous right!?
Vee Collection hand made all of the bridal dresses. 
They create custom apparel to make any Wedding special. 
Lovely accessories are also from Vocabulary Boutique.
M Bride is a stunning wedding dress boutique...I mean aaaamazing dresses! Every girls dream. 
Stunning blooms by Sweet Marie designs and Plenty of Petals! I am swooning! 
Yes this is a handmade ultra amazing peacock created by Lazulie.Blithe Events! Can I have one?!
There was lots of delicious food as well! Looks like a piece of art, but ohhh sooo tasty!
Culinary Concepts you stole my taste buds!
Dot and Army had the most adorable napkins and linens throughout the event!
 It really added a lovely handmade detail to each place setting! 
Heavenly cupcakes is divine! 
Yummy and gorgeous desserts by the ever talented Cups bakery in La Jolla! 
Beautiful hand crafted programs and signs by Wide Eyes Design
And fun menu's byThe Paper Suite!
Don't you love the font and colors! 
If you need a lighting, DJ extraordinaire, then SOS Entertainment  is for you (Congratulations on your baby bump!) Also, if you need an awesome photobooth for your celebration,
are fabulous!!!

I will have more details, food, flowers, and photos on Monday, so stay tuned. 
Have a laughter filled weekend! 

Authentic Flavors

Behind the Scenes  Catering
Best Beverage Catering Bar Services
Bon Affair Alcohol Sponsor
Brianna Venzke Photography & The Bridal Photos
Cloudless Videography
Couture Events Coordination
Culinary Concepts Catering
Cups Desserts
Dot & Army Linens
Exquisite Weddings Media Partner
Ferrari Wine
Heavenly Cupcakes Cupcakes
Lauren Alisse Photography Photography & The Engagement Photos
Lazulie&Blithe Events Event Design: Ceremony Stage and Tables 3, 5 & 9 (The handmade peacocks)
M Bride Dress Boutique
Mbride Wedding Gown
Mobile Photo Booth Photo Booth
Natalie Bray Photography Photography & The Rehearsal Dinner Photos
Old New Borrowed Redo Accessories
Plenty of Petals Floral Design: High Tops and Tables 1, 6, 8 & 10
Shelby Wilson Make-up
Shutter Booth Photo Booth
SOS Entertainment  Production & DJ
Sweet Marie Designs Floral Design: Bouquets and Boutonnières, Head Table (4) and Tables 2 & 7
Teal Green Designs Vintage Rentals
The New Children's Museum Venue
The Paper Suite Stationery: Menus
Unveiled Bridal Beauty Hair
Vee Collection Bridesmaid Dresses
Vocabulary Boutique Accessories
Wide Eyes Design Stationery: Programs & Signs

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