Thursday, March 14, 2013

{ It's a girl!!!!}

On March 1st after 21 hours of labor  and 3 hours of pushing, 
plus lots of support from family and friends...
Parker and I welcomed our newest adventure into this world,

Harper Olivia Bray into our arms. She was 9lbs 6oz!!

I can't even begin to express the amazing gift that she has been
...even with the sleepless nights and lots of poop (and oh have there been many of each lol!)...
I wouldn't trade her or this experience for anything!
She is my favorite! 
I never expected her to smell soooo good. Everyone says how great babies smell. 
Well it is completely true! I just stare at her and love making funny faces, singing, etc. 
She is our bliss! 
 Look at those cheeks! and those lips! I am melting! 
A little smile to make me swoon!