Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy Monday my lovelies! How are you? Fabulous I hope! This weekend we had the honor of shooting a gorgeous Wedding for the amazing Sarah and Ryan (enjoy your honeymoon to St. John you two)  and I got to thinking about how special this day truly is...
A committment...
A heart made whole...
and there is something amazing about being a newly married genuine and so in love! 
The future is awaiting with a beautiful life together. 
Here is a preview of Sarah and Ryan's lovely Wedding Celebration...more photos soon. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Love Bug...Mason 6 months}

There are times in life when a persons smile just lights up your entire day! 
Love Bug Mason has that effect...his smile is just, well it makes me so happy!

Look at those adorable cheeks...

Happy Thursday!!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{The Not Wedding 2012}

Hello my lovelies!! We are sooooooooooooo thrilled to announce that we have been chosen to be a part of a 
fabulous Modern Bridal Event called...The Not Wedding!!! 
What?! Heck yes! I know so exciting, right!?

Ok, so all you love birds and Brides out there we would love to have you attend this super awesome, modern, hip, and fun Bridal guess what!? Tell all your friends...

Tuesday, March 27th at 5:45p at the Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park the fun begins...

Also, our Studio will be giving away a FREE Engagement Session to one lucky Bride at the be there and get a chance to win a $250 Engagement Session!
Let's be friends, like our Facebook Page...leave a comment, and we will see you at the event!! 
To find out more info and buy tickets go to :)
Happy Wednesday!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Sarah + Ryan... Smitten}

Oooh la la!! Time has flown by...I am sorry I have been away...but I am back my lovelies! Meet the delightfully amazing Sarah and Ryan! They are getting married this weekend and we can't wait to share in their celebration! 
Sarah and Ryan are just too sweet, we are lucky to know them...

Yellow balloons?! oh my! I am smitten with this couple...

Don't you just love these shoes...Sarah your style is too cool :) 

They are soooo in love...true heartfelt, soulmate love... 

Happy Tuesday!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Featured...How he asked}

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!! I love love and this is such a cute story from one of my amazing brides! 
Thanks to How he Asked for this super sweet feature and a great way to celebrate Valentines Day!! 
Happy Valentines Day!! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{Love bug...Miriam} cute is she?! Miriam is full of energy, life, and just plain freakin adorable!
I looooved taking photos of her playing in the grass and in the leaves :)...

Happy Wednesday lovelies!! I hope your week is treating you well :)...can you believe it is already February? We have some exciting things in stay tuned!