Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Kris + My Phuong... Griffith Observatory Engagement}

Love is such a beautiful gift. 
Kris and My Phuong have found it! We adore them! Their love is authentic and sweet with lots of laughter and joy!! Plus, they love to travel...a couple after our own hearts! We had so much fun going to all the fabulous locations they picked out. They were our tour guides and amazing company as we had an adventure in LA. First, the "500 days of Summer" park!! Wow! I adore the movie and when My Phuong suggested it...I was gitty!  Second, Griffith Observatory!! Wowza! 
My Phuong and Kris glowed as they toured the classic beauty!! 
And the absolute best part we got to share in these fun moments with K+M who are just...well...amazing! 
 Kris and My Phuong!! 
We can't wait for your wedding!


 Such a sweet moment...
 and some laughs never hurt :)...

 I told you they glowed!! Are they not the cutest! 

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  1. Soooo Sweet! You sure do know how to capture a moment!