Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Jimi + Heather} Sneak Peak

Hello my lovelies!! Pheeeew... what a fabulously busy month :)! My how I have missed you! What is new? How is life? Great I hope! We have been loving all the lovely couples we are meeting and Heather and Jimi are just...well fantastic!! We are smitten! Without further ado...
Meet the amazingly adorable Jimi & Heather!!
 This is just a sneak peak at their fun and free spirited Engagement Session. 
Many more photos to come soon and lots of joy to share with you all! 
We left grinning from ear to ear and our hearts warmed by Heather and Jimi's adorableness! 
So much love!! 
Stay tuned for more sessions soon.  


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