Friday, May 20, 2011

{Featured on The Brides Cafe} Vintage Wedding Photographer

Hello and Happy TGIF! 
It is an exciting day here at Natalie Bray Photography!
 Yes, I am referring to myself in third is that great of a day! 
We are featured on The Brides Cafe today!!
I want to graciously thank Janie for the wonderful feature of Erika and Tommy's Wedding Inspired Photo Shoot! 
Also a big thanks to E + T, you are amazing!!
In case you didn't know we are now offering Personally Styled Photo Sessions for you and your loves! 
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Here are a few more pics of the session...

Styling and concept: Natalie Bray
Dress: J crew
Cardigan: Target
Flowers: San Diego Wholesale flowers
Headband: Nordstrom
Cake and banner: Handmade by me!! 

This shoot was part of our Personally Styled Sessions! We take care of all the details and you can relax and enjoy! Email us at for more info.

P.S. I did make an inedible cake and I said I would share why, so here it goes...
I was in baking mode. I had my apron on, all my ingredients measured to perfection and set out neatly on the counter. I prepped my beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer and began to read line by line the delicious recipe. Taking great care not to add an ingredient early or too quickly.  At the point of no return I had added all the ingredients except for the eggs and the recipe calls for 1 egg at a time (Right? Right!). Mind you the lovely Kitchen Aid mixer was blending away, steadily coalescing all the sugary goodness together, which is one of the beauty's of having a non hand-held mixer, you can let it go and it makes life a little easier (Right? Right!). Then, I gently grabbed the egg and placed it over the bowl to crack it, when all of a sudden it slipped. Yes the entire egg slipped out of my hand. OMG! I think my heart stopped! I screamed bloody murder (My husband thought I cut my hand off or something)! Time stopped, then actually slowed down as I watched the egg fall into the perfectly blended batter and get crushed by the moving metal beaters. Only I'm not able to do anything. AHHHHHH! I quickly stopped the mixer, but it is too late!  The egg shell has paraded around the mixing bowl and has waved its hands in the air mocking me.
I was a sad sad girl at this moment in time. I needed a cake for my shoot, so I sulked for a few minutes and decided to cook the batter anyway, egg shells and all. LOL! I would persevere and the cake would look amazing even if we couldn't consume the yumminess.

Happy Friday!! Have a delightful weekend! I hope your kitchen adventures are edible:) xoxo

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  1. Lovely shoot and funny outtake ;-P Actually, you could probably have eaten the cake, just treat the egg shell bits like Calcium supplement. No harm, really!