Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Inspiration of the day}

Hello, I went through the my entire Wednesday thinking it was Thursday...turning Thirty is looming closer or maybe it's just me hehe! Although, I am definitely looking forward to my Thirties, babies, and just life in general, it doesn't seem like I am going to be the big 3-0! I still feel 18:)...
But having said that I was doing my normal perusing of the interwebs and thought I 'd share a few of the things that inspired me this week. Enjoy!
Love this rustic table paired with modern leather office chairs and the sheer simple heart be still!
I looooove this bracelet by Ponder and Stitch!! So original! 
I just ordered a fun stamp to make my business cards with from this fabulous etsy shop called Note Trunk.
They create cute stamps that you can use for staitonary, business cards, and for all your stationary needs!!
 playing grown up
It's a magnet, wait no it's a banner, wait again it's birch...
I think this magnetic birch banner is such a great idea...can you tell I'm on an etsy kick:)?
One of my FAVORITEST:) blogs is 
It is so fun and makes me giggle everyday! 

Happy Thursday!
(and it actually is Thursday:) )

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