Monday, March 7, 2011

{Erika + Tommy} Just Because Preview

So my husband likes to tell stories about my sleeping habits...I preface this by saying, " I am sleeping during these stories and do not remember most of these so called stories." I guess...he claims I have pushed him off the bed, gone into hysterical laughing for no reason, randomly thought it was three in the morning because it was soooo bright( and I did this in front of his parents), and I will ask him to work with me, literally a days work. 
Awww the joys of being a couple:)...
With that I bring you a sneak peak of Erika & Tommy's "Just Because" Session...
It is amazing when you meet "the one"! You hit it off, you can talk for hours, and you have someone to share all your quirks with, whether they like it or not:). 
Happy Monday!

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  1. im in love with the light here. beautiful and how fun to have a just because session.