Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{Brooklynn- Little Blessing Session}

Babaaaaaaaaaa and cute little giggles accompanied my session with my adorable niece. She would grab a leaf and my sister would quickly dash over to take it out of her hand before it got to her mouth (a few made it though:)). Then, my sister would grab the leaf and Miss B would laugh and laugh. It was a game to her. I almost died from cuteness overload. Anyway, I could tell lots of stories about her because I am truly smitten! 
8 months. 8 months! Wow! And she is growing so fast. From getting her first teeth to sitting up and rolling every where she needs to go, and I can't forget lots of new foods. She looooooves prunes and is not a fan of squash. Who knew babies were so picky? Anyway, I love to hold her in my arms and give her kisses. 
During this photo shoot with Miss B, she wore a gorgeous hand crochet dress. The blue really brings out her eyes. Don't you think?
This ones makes me laugh everytime I see it:) 

 Taking photos of little babies is incredibly fun and amazingly rewarding...I just loooove it!
I am offering a special if you book a session before March 31st 2011! 
Email me at if you are interested... 
I'd love to meet you and your little blessing or two!
Happy Wednesday!

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