Monday, November 29, 2010

Sean + Meghann {Just Because Session}

Every time I get ready for a session, I get anticipatory butterflies fluttering around my tummy. I am anticipating shots, light, and personalities. I am hoping for the best possible circumstances and preparing for the worst and when the clients are your friends, you would think there would be less butterflies, but there are more. After a few moments of meeting them at the location the butterflies go away as I focus on capturing the moments between them.
Sean and Meghann have been friends with Parker for many years. Sean and Meghann parted ways after high school and then rekindled their love about a year ago and have been together ever since. We truly had a fun time climbing cliffs and hiking around with them on their session.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Calling all photographers or photography enthusiasts...

If you like photography there is a wonderful giveaway happening over at
Paint the Moon action & textures are lovely vintage inspired actions for photoshop and lightroom and they are offering a prize valued at $1300...
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Happy Sunday!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jason + Nicole + Miss B {Family preview}

I am still full from all the goodies I ate yesterday. I hope you had a delightfully splendid day with your family & or loved ones. Here is a teaser of the family session I had with my twin sister, her husband, and my adorable niece... this was Miss B's first time on a swing and she absolutely loooved it! 

I told you she was aaaadorable! I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with relaxation and foot massages, well that's what I am hoping for:). 
If you haven't already checked out my Brand NEW is the time. 
Get a cup of hot cocoa and put on your favorite music and
Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preview {family session}

Have a wonderful Holiday! 

Dream Shopping Part 2

And now for some more dream shopping for the little gentlemen...

Boys' full-zip fleece hoodieBoys' herringbone driving capBoys' city peacoatBoys' stripe knit scarfHoney Loving HatMr. Fox SweaterCountry Club SweaterFish Tank Sweater
Top row- crewcuts
Middle row- Babygap
Bottom row- Anthropologie

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Wednesday!! I'll be back Friday with a sneak peak at a new session in the works. Good day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{New Website}

This year has been a year of newness!

A new career, then a new blog, now new clients and new friends, and now finally a new website!
It has been new in a liberating way, new in a way that has left me exposed to the outside world.
I have never been one to let my guard down and after a lot of internal struggle, crying to my husband, soul searching, and just feeling plain confused I saw clearly. To a future without strong holds.
I have always loved all things creative and so with that in mind I began to study. Oh gosh did I study. Hours compiled at the library, google, wikipedia, falling asleep at 3 am with my head next to the computer (or with a book on my face), and any free time I have had has been spent practicing  photography.

Through all of this I realized that above all things creative, my favorite was and is photography. Everytime I clean or organize...I stumble upon our amassed memory boxes. I always stop, then open the worn keepsake linen box. I Take the photos in my hand and look. Photos of childhood, photos of our wedding, photos of my first car. Memories flood my consciousness and stories flow from my mouth. Laughter and sometimes tears bubble to the surface, but I am always left feeling joyful. That is why I believe photography is more than we sometimes give it credit for. More than just a paid gig or another client, or another sunset. It is life.

I never thought in a million years that I could do this as a possible career, but I finally decided to stop worrying and pursue my passion after holding back for so many years. I realized life is too short! And now with much support from my husband, family, and friends. I am letting my guard down. I am letting you in to a little piece of my world. I have put a lot of work into this new website and I truly hope it brings a smile to your day. Put on your favorite song and visit...

I don't want to get on a soap box, but I am sincerely thankful to all who have supported me and my husband Parker (You're welcome beautiful -Husband) with our new business! We are overwhelmed by the encouragement. Also, thank you to all who have read this blog, my thoughts, my likes(as non-interesting as I am), and you have kept reading...thank you!!!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dream Shopping...

I hope you had a truly lovely weekend...full of laughter. Laughing is one of the best things in life. When you can't breath and tears are streaming down your cheeks, but you still cant stop. It's the best! I hope that for you.  Now onto today's post (awkward transition over).
This weekend the weather has turned from sunny to chilly.
Winter is here... my Sunday was filled with being cuddled under my down comforter and watching romantic comedies as the rain poured here in San Diego, and maybe just maybe sneaking a little ice cream. Don't judge. 
I like the rain, especially when I 'm not driving in it. So, since I was cooped up I decided to do some dream shopping for my niece and maybe a little for me too.
I love winter. The snow. The jackets. The scarves. I am so excited! I adore layers, warm fires (well imaginary ones because we don't have a fire place), and knits. Oh, how knits are my favorite. The detail, the softness...Today's post is all about the ladies and there are some cute knits and stay tuned for more tomorrow for the little gentlemen...Happy Monday!

 Girls' shimmer-trim sweater-dressGirls' Avalon skirtGirls' sequin enchant dressGirls' fairy-dusted peacoatGirls' cashmere rufflette cardiganGirls' dream stripe cardiganGirls' Loxley buckle ballet flatsGirls' crisp ruffle skirt
Monkey Business CoatSudden Sidekick HeadbandSchooner DressBud Vase Hoodie
Laced With Grace DressWrapped-In-Waterfalls CardiganElysse SkimmersCassonade Coat
top 2 rows from crewcuts- Jcrew
Middle row  from babygap
Bottom 2 rows  from anthropologie