Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I sit here cuddled safely in my bed. I have always loved photography. For a year now I have been steadily working on my technique and have taken classes. It’s a scary thing putting your perspective on another life and to see the reaction, but I have a sense of anticipation. Like going to Disneyland for the first time or opening presents on your birthday. I look forward to sharing the photos with you. Newborns have a beautiful simplicity that brings me back to reality.

Introducing Faith Patricia 6lbs 5oz and absolutely adorable. She slept the entire time and was a joy . 
Congratulations Heather and Paul!!!!

Lilly Pads...

I adore Lilly pads. They remind me of Monet who is one of my favorite impressionist painters...
I love how they float effortlessly on the surface of the smooth pond. Beautiful and simple in design. 

Happy Wednesday!

My Birthday Surprise

MOPA- the museum of Photographic Arts @ Balboa Park.
My husband surprised  me!!! I was super excited to see this museum for the first time. The photographs were truly inspirational and absolutely amazing to witness. I hope some day I can inspire others even a sliver of the way these photographers have inspired me. A-Mazing! 

Our Birthday Weekend via Polaroid

My husband and I birthday's are exactly one week apart. So we like  to celebrate and make a week of it. I enjoy surprising him with gifts, but this year we were on a budget. Instead of gifts we had one divine dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Here is our wonderful meal from Flemmings...
Tomato and mozzarella with sweet balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil. 
The tomato's were wrapped in a thin slice of cucumber. The presentation was beautiful. I did not want to mess it up. Parker really liked this!

For the main course we had prime main filet mignon, the tender and yummy goodness melted in my mouth with every bite(no offense to vegetarians out there). 
One of my favorite foods ever is Mac n' Cheese...creamy, cheesy, and the ultimate comfort food. Well right next to a pint of ben & jerry's. Sorry Ben, it  won't happen again. 
To top it off there was this amazing Jalapeño Cheese layered potato thing(don't remember the official name). This has the best flavor, I don't even like jalapeños, but I could eat a lot of this. 
And drum roll please.............

A decadent chocolate lava cake with home made vanilla bean ice cream and fresh raspberries with wonderful Chantilly cream. Don't you love that name. Chantilly cream.
And guess what? I  don't even  like chocolate. So imagine to my surprise when I tasted this deliciousness.

To Parker: Thank you my love for a wonderful birthday. Every year we grow a little older, a little more wise, and a lot more in love. Thank you for making me laugh every day and your support lights up my life. 

P.S. someday I'll get a real Polaroid, but for now I like my iPhone Polaroid:)

Inspiration of the day

eco-chic via Lonny Magazine

eco-chic via Lonny Magazine

eco-chic via Lonny Magazine

eco-chic via Lonny Magazine

Have you ever heard of LONNY magazine? Neither had I until a few months ago...I was devastated when Domino magazine sadly stopped arriving every month in my mailbox. I adored this magazine and have not found a suitable substitute since. I would and still do reread (I know how pathetic right, what a design geek am I) But I think Lonny might be able to satisfy my design sweet tooth. Domino magazine lives on with my will always be one of my favorites. But, if you love design and can't get enough pictures of lamps, ikat prints, or sweetly undecorated spaces, then this is the magazine for you.
Michelle Adams is the co-founder and  also owner of the organic textile company  Rubie Green. She started the online magazine with a partner and co-founder Patrick Cline while attending MSU.
I think this an amazing idea and am giddy every time a new issue appears.
I am very intriqued by design photography and enjoy light an airy spaces.
Images via Decor8
LONNY magazine is a refreshing and delightful read with great tips.

Thanks Michelle and everyone at Lonny. You have made me very happy:).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspiration of the day

image by Ditte Isager

I saw this image and I have always wanted a swinging bed to sleep in. A friend once told me about a sleeping porch she had when she was young. How cool is that! One of my indulgences is that I take naps and I take them often. Naps rejuvenate & refresh the mind.
I love the little side table! This would  be a place I could rest and gain amazing inspiration from  my surroundings, imagination, the skies the limit.
Go out & seek what inspires you! Everyday grow & learn...

Karpe Diem everybody! Sieze the day!

Brooklynn Rose {Little Blessing}- Newborn Photographer

Brooklynn Rose 8lbs.6oz. 
She is a beautiful baby girl and in these pics she is 5 days old. She did not want to sleep...she is alert & wanted to experience everything that was going on. She is adorable. 
She has the cutest nose...don't you think?
Love you Baby B.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Primele by decor8.
Image by decor8 ( One of my absolute favorite design & lifestyle blogs)
Primele is a modern day way to show your love of calligraphy...they create custom stamps! Yes, stamps, that you can use to send a real authentic letter to a friend or loved one. I don't know about you, but my heart gets happy when I see a sweetly designed envelope as I cypher through the mess of bills and junk's like an icy drink on a hot day. It breaks up the monotony of texting, tweeting, and all the other social media. I get giddy as I hear the tear of the envelop and see a delightful letter or card inside. I adore it!

I encourage you to send a fabulous person a handwritten letter this week...they will adore it!

Have a wonderful weekend. Se la vie!

Adorably Etsy-

Wordy Butterfly Mobile
Birds of Paradise Mobile
Images from Royal Buffett

Re-purpose those old newspapers or pretty paper to make beautiful decorations  like the creative Royal Buffet...
Check out Nesta Home as well. Love their designs for art & for home using recyled paper...
Dark City no3 - PURPLE Edition - NEW YORK CITY  - LARGE Print made on 1929 Atlas Page - LIMITED EDITION
Dark City no8 - NEW YORK CITY - LARGE Print made on 1929 Atlas Page - MOUNTED and READY TO DISPLAY ARTWORK

What a delightfully refreshing idea.

I hope you all have a fun, relaxing, and inspiring weekend. I have some Holga love planned for this weekend. Happy Friday...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Contrast between the light and the dark is what makes a striking silhouette. A mystery surrounds the shadows and causes the eye to adjust slightly to the darkness. I adore the play between dark and light.

Hope your having a Super-fly Thursday...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mural Love



Beep Beep Beep, my alarm sounded and woke me from my sweet slumber. With cat-like reflexes I touched the snooze button on my iPhone and settled ooooh sooo comfortably back in to my comfortable spot. Most days I get right out of bed, but today all the sleeping stars were aligned- my down comforter keeping me toasty warm, my pillow at the just the right height, and I was in the bestest spot on my side of the bed. I was puuuurfectly happy and not to be disturbed. "Ten more minutes" I told myself. Sadly, before I knew it (as always, it's never as long as it sounds) the alarm blaired again. Relishing from a fabulous 4 day weekend I grumpily stumbled to the shower, got ready for my other job...
I arrived home after an 11 hour day and my amazing husband greeted me with a warm hug, a funny story, and my day immediately brightened.
When you arrive home there is nothing better than feeling missed. An ever so sincere hug and a how was your day was just the remedy I needed. And to top it off he made me a lovely dinner (I didn't even have to do the dishes). As my husband slaved over the stove I checked out the fabulousness that is Green Wedding Shoes, when I saw this wonderful site called a love letter for you...its a project created by Steven Powers in Philadelphia to promote fun murals across the city. There are a few of my favorites above:). What an inspirational idea! Please check out this site and show them your love too!

I greet you with a sincere cyber hug & a how was your day?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Trade Show 2010 by Oh! Hello Friend

Good afternoon, I always adore a beautifully handmade item. When, I was doing my daily blog reading, I saw this Etsy goodness extravaganza for summer 2010!!! I had to share it with you.

Check it out over at oh, hello friend here.

The sun is starting to shine...

Welcome Baby B.- Newborn photographer

It's was a crisp night in April when my niece was born.
I have a confession...I have never witnessed a live birth and truly have never really wanted to, but when my sister invited me to be a part of her daughters (my nieces) birth. I felt obligated to say yes. (I know that's probably the worst thing, but I was scared.)
I stepped into the Hospital, camera in hand...
My palms were sweaty, my thoughts are flooded with flashes of movie scenes-screaming and all that stuff.
I was anxious of what awaited.
I got my visitors pass and slowly push the elevator button.
Ding. The door opens. 
I step in. 
3 floors later. Ding. I cautiously step out and follow the confusing hallway markers for room numbers.
I find it!
I slowly open the door and walk into a calm, quiet, and peaceful setting. Lights dimmed. 
I receive multiple hugs from family.
Then, we wait and wait some more while sharing stories of other births, our own delivery, contractions, nurses visits, and lots of ice chips. 
After many contractions and an epidural ( my sister seemed to really like that). Finally, the pushing begins. 
Long story short...three hours later, my beautiful niece is born. 
No screaming or yelling. Just joy! 
She's here. After 9 months of waiting, anticipating, reading all the baby books you can get your hands on, and she is finally here. 
I think everyone in the room was overflowing with emotion. Tears were streaming.
I was truly overwhelmed...tear streams flow over my cheeks and down my neck. I am enamored with her beauty, her chubby legs, her sweet hands, and all that is a newborn baby.
I love you Brooklynn Rose! I will be a good Auntie. You can always count on me. I am here when you need a shoulder or a good laugh.

My outlook has completely changed on birth and babies. It is truly a miracle. 
I love you baby B. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

A little light in our life...

The seals are fun to watch...

I love the smell of the ocean as the offshore breeze brings the salty goodness to my senses. I find it refreshing and soothing in a "I'm with nature" sort of way. Often, Parker & I will walk along the beach...sand granules softly seep between my toesies (it's my own word:)) with each step.
The shore invites the ocean to dance. It accepts. A dip, a spin, and then a quick good buy, only to start all over again. A wonderful calming sound ensues...I adore the sound of the waves as we walk along. We walk, talk, and relax.  It's a great way to start the summer. I am not a big beach bunny, but I do like to walk and people watch.
Have a wonderful day!

Flash Mob

I adore flash inspires me to make bold decisions, to not be afraid of what others think, and to be creative everyday. It takes courage to dance like no one is watching, let alone in front of hundreds of people and then the posts are seen by thousands. Fun, boldness, and community is what I see as the flash mob vision.


Visit the flash mob website here.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nicole + Jason- San Diego Engagement Photographer

Nicole and Jason are very special people in my life. Nicole is my twin sister (betcha didn't know that about me). The two of them sparkle when they are together and have a wonderful love that really compliments who they are.
When they asked me to shoot their engagement pictures. I was thrilled!!! Here is a sneak peak. More to come later...
Love you sister and brother in law. Thanks for this opportunity.
Your Beautiful!

Cypress Fine Handmade Albums

Images by Keikoniwa

Images by 6 of 4

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cypress Albums! Their gorgeous Albums represent what I believe is important in my photography and in my life: Beauty, Simplicity, and Quality. If you want to know more please check out this video about their history and how they magnificently do what they do...Cypress Fine Handmade Albums.
I have to admit I absolutely adore the Album process and believe it is a vital part of archiving our lives. Cypress is a wonderful, professional, gorgeous product, and I look forward to planning out your album with you...
I do all the album design personally. This is one of my favorite parts of the entire event process. Every image my husband and I take is part of a larger picture. We want your album to represent you.

Check out their blog here.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Orleans- San Diego Photographer

I have always really enjoyed Polaroids for there instant gradification. I know with digital technology it is instant, but there is something about watching the film pop out and develop right in front of you. I found this app for the i phone and instantly grew giddy- something new! You can go to this website and check it out...WWW.SHAKEITPHOTO.COM.
Immediately, I riffled through my purse (which I need to organize by the way) and grabbed my phone to download the app. I can now say "I am addicted!" I hummed the Jeopardy song as I waited for the app to download. Yes, I watch Jeopardy. My husband normally wins, but I give him a run for his money.
The app downloaded and I took a picture, then surprisingly the picture pops up on the screen like Polaroid film coming out of a camera and then your supposed to shake, shake it like a Polaroid picture. Slowly the image appeared. How awesome is  that! I haven’t stopped taking pictures since. I won’t  bore you with those, but my husband and I went to New Orleans recently and here are some from the trip…

The first night there was a beautiful sunset...

I love these vintage lights...

New Orleans had vintage charm and I spotted this sign (had to take a photo). We also went to the Jazz and Heritage Festival. It was super windy and full of amazingly talented musicians. 

The Church was breathtakingly beautiful...and this chandelier glittered.

In New Orleans they have lots of street performers and live music, which is part of its charm and vibrancy. The food is delicious and everywhere. I think I gained 10 pounds.
One of the highlights of the trip was the Cafe'. The Café Dumonde has been open since 1862 and is a must in New Orleans. They serve hot, powdered sugar covered Beignets! Pure heaven! Café Dumonde is open 24 hours (halla!) and all they serve is coffee, beignets, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and water. It is cash only and completey charming. 
Me so hungry…