Monday, December 13, 2010

{My first Concert}

I hope you had a groovy weekend :). I sure did! Parker and I went to my first big concert. I have been to lots of small venue shows, but nothing larger than a few hundred people. WOW was I impressed!
 Thousands of people + awesome bands = a great time. 
The feeling of the bass on my knee caps as I stood at the back of the arena was intense, watching a guy get a free Mohawk while looking petrified was hilarious, and seeing people rock out with no regard for anyone else was priceless. I have concluded that there is nothing like live music!
Music in general is, well, pretty awesome. It can bring you to tears, bring you a renewed energy when you need to clean your bedroom (which I need right now), and capture a moment in time. Now when I hear these songs they'll have a whole new meaning because I was THERE. The most important thing to remember is to always dance like nobody is watching! 

Happy Monday!

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