Friday, November 5, 2010

My Grandpa's 85th Birthday Party

I LOVE you! 
Your strength, hard work, and outright amazingness has helped shape me and you inspire me everyday! 
One camping trip we went to the Kern river. I was so excited to go meant bike riding, playin  in the mud, climbing tree's, and just being a family, which meant the world to this 8 year old girl. Nicole and I were playing on the outer shore of the river. I remember hearing the rush of the current and thinking we'd better be careful. And then, who do I see? You standing, strong armed, solid footed, and determined to catch a fish at the end of your line. You were in the middle of the Kern river fishing!  I was amazed! You didn't see us on the shore, but we saw you. 
You were strong, determined, and you were our Grandpa!
That image stays with me and I still see that man today. 
You have been through a lot Grandpa, but you are sooooo loved!
We love your smile, your laugh, your stubborness, your wisdom, your strength, your hope, your sincerity, your zest for all things country, your love of Johnny Cash, your twist, your charisma, your poker style(texas hold em anyone?), and I love playing domino's with you, giving you hugs, listening to your stories, going camping with you, making you smile, and much much more!!!
You have taught me to be better than I was before, to be content and cherish the people around me, and you are my grandpa and I love you dearly. 

I love you! 
Happy Friday!

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