Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{We went to Disneyland...}

Hello Everyone! I know I've been away awhile, but we went to Disneyland! We haven't been in over two years so we decided to take a Southern California Vacation...we drove up the coast and stopped at Newport for lunch, then to Disneyland we go! 

"In the Tiki Tiki Tiki room..." it's so happy, so endearing, I love it!

And you know I love my ice cream...and this one is amazing! There is a little place in California Adventure that is not soft serve...wait for it...it's soft serve ice cream and it is delicious!

If you haven't  been on the steam boat it is a treat...

Do you recognize these? 
I love the look of the tea cups, but they make me sick :( .
Dumbo is a great ride to people watch...the kids get so happy!
And they brought back Captain EO! I was 6 when I first saw this and I was taken to a new world...I was sad when they changed it, but now we can change the world :). 
(Don't you just love the glasses:))

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. i think parker should adopt the new look he has going in the last pic, it suits him perfectly