Monday, September 27, 2010

Night photography tips

Parker and I were given a used tripod, but it's new to us:) (Thanks Micheal!You are the best). So we decided it would be fun at 11:30pm to take some pics of downtown San Diego and use our new tripod. We seriously had the best time and stayed out until 1am (Who needs sleep anyway).
* All photos taken with a 50mm 1.4, a level tripod, in manual mode, and a Canon 7d. 
(These are all straight out of camera)
 Exposure 30 sec and 22 aperture setting. While the shutter was open a boat with a green light sped by. Awesome!
I've seen this before and Parker had a flash light on his i phone. Let me tell you it's hard to write in the air:).It says "love" in case you were wondering. 
* 20 sec/ 13
The following pic is a little fun with bokeh, which I love! 
*15 sec/ 1.4 /Manual focus 
Some tips for night photography
1. Try to pick somewhere dark with not too much ambient light.
2. Higher apertures keep light focused.
3. For long exposures use a tripod or something really stable (note: human tripods don't always work.
4.If you don't have a shutter release cable use the timer to reduce camera shake.
5. Patience
6. Go with someone who likes photography as much as you:).
These are a few things I learned and I hope you had a great weekend! 

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  1. these are real cool pics, natalie! i especially love the bokeh one! :)