Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jackie- San Diego Portrait Photographer

It was a chilly December night.
I had my wool peacoat buttoned tightly and scarf tucked neatly inside, not to let any of the heat out. I am always cold, especially when I get nervous and this was a doozy. I was driving in my new boyfriends car {my husband now} to meet his parents for the first time.
I was nervous to say the least and full of anticipation. 
What if they didn't like me? or worse, grilled me on my love for their son. The entire drive was full of angst and Parker did a wonderful job at calming me down. 2 hours later we arrived in Palm Desert. I opened the car door. We walked up the neatly groomed path to their front door and knocked. The door opened and his mom, dad, sister, and brother all greeted me with a big smile and a hug.  Since that day Jackie is like my little sister.  We had a great time taking her pics and hopefully you like them too! 

This is one of my favorites...
Love this one too!

Thanks Jackie! Your the best lil' sis ever :)! 
Happy Thursday! 

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