Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things I've learned...

Love at first sight is real.
Do what you love.
Learn something 
new every day.
adore lazy Sundays and Veggie Omelets with lots of cheese (not just on top, but in the middle too please).
Take time to read and gain inspiration from your own imagination.
Recycling feels good.
Farmers Markets 
are awesome...they have lots of free samples, plus I truly like supporting local business owners and community. They have the best flowers too!
Sun flare and a little over exposure is brilliant.
is Art.
I am not a believer in lots of flashy lighting, although that works for others. I enjoy natural light and wide open lenses. (I use the fancy set ups when I need to).
I adore perfect bokeh in a photograph.
Vintage aesthetics with a modern edge = interesting.
I love finding new perspectives and angles to bring you out in the images. 

heart photography.

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