Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer nights...

We have San Diego Zoo passes. OK I said it. I know it's dorky, but one of the main reasons I like to go to the zoo is because of the sky buckets (I think that's what there called:)). I love the view overlooking downtown, you can see for miles on a clear day and the feeling of flight without engines strapped to the sides of course. I could seriously just go there for the sky buckets. Plus, amazing foliage and gorgeous animals, need I say more. 
 Parker and I went to the night zoo recently, well there open til 9pm. I prefer summer nights because they are cooler less crowded and the light is really beautiful for photographs.

Photographer note: All photos were taken with my Canon 7D and the 50 1.4 lens. I love the depth of field this lens has. And for low light it captures the ambient light beautifully. 
I hope your enjoying your summer... what trips or places have you gone to? 

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