Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Orleans- San Diego Photographer

I have always really enjoyed Polaroids for there instant gradification. I know with digital technology it is instant, but there is something about watching the film pop out and develop right in front of you. I found this app for the i phone and instantly grew giddy- something new! You can go to this website and check it out...WWW.SHAKEITPHOTO.COM.
Immediately, I riffled through my purse (which I need to organize by the way) and grabbed my phone to download the app. I can now say "I am addicted!" I hummed the Jeopardy song as I waited for the app to download. Yes, I watch Jeopardy. My husband normally wins, but I give him a run for his money.
The app downloaded and I took a picture, then surprisingly the picture pops up on the screen like Polaroid film coming out of a camera and then your supposed to shake, shake it like a Polaroid picture. Slowly the image appeared. How awesome is  that! I haven’t stopped taking pictures since. I won’t  bore you with those, but my husband and I went to New Orleans recently and here are some from the trip…

The first night there was a beautiful sunset...

I love these vintage lights...

New Orleans had vintage charm and I spotted this sign (had to take a photo). We also went to the Jazz and Heritage Festival. It was super windy and full of amazingly talented musicians. 

The Church was breathtakingly beautiful...and this chandelier glittered.

In New Orleans they have lots of street performers and live music, which is part of its charm and vibrancy. The food is delicious and everywhere. I think I gained 10 pounds.
One of the highlights of the trip was the Cafe'. The Café Dumonde has been open since 1862 and is a must in New Orleans. They serve hot, powdered sugar covered Beignets! Pure heaven! Café Dumonde is open 24 hours (halla!) and all they serve is coffee, beignets, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and water. It is cash only and completey charming. 
Me so hungry…

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