Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mural Love



Beep Beep Beep, my alarm sounded and woke me from my sweet slumber. With cat-like reflexes I touched the snooze button on my iPhone and settled ooooh sooo comfortably back in to my comfortable spot. Most days I get right out of bed, but today all the sleeping stars were aligned- my down comforter keeping me toasty warm, my pillow at the just the right height, and I was in the bestest spot on my side of the bed. I was puuuurfectly happy and not to be disturbed. "Ten more minutes" I told myself. Sadly, before I knew it (as always, it's never as long as it sounds) the alarm blaired again. Relishing from a fabulous 4 day weekend I grumpily stumbled to the shower, got ready for my other job...
I arrived home after an 11 hour day and my amazing husband greeted me with a warm hug, a funny story, and my day immediately brightened.
When you arrive home there is nothing better than feeling missed. An ever so sincere hug and a how was your day was just the remedy I needed. And to top it off he made me a lovely dinner (I didn't even have to do the dishes). As my husband slaved over the stove I checked out the fabulousness that is Green Wedding Shoes, when I saw this wonderful site called a love letter for you...its a project created by Steven Powers in Philadelphia to promote fun murals across the city. There are a few of my favorites above:). What an inspirational idea! Please check out this site and show them your love too!

I greet you with a sincere cyber hug & a how was your day?

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